Women In Automotive

Women in Automotive

The automotive industry needs more women. At a time of change in our industry, women are very
well positioned to have exciting futures in many of our career paths.

Performance Auto Group is committed to employing and nurturing the very best, diverse talent. We
have a particularly strong focus on hiring women for roles across the entire spectrum of our
industry, and actively work to empower women with the tools and support they need to excel in
their career.

Tanja Coccioni

Tanja Coccioni

Performance Auto Group prides itself on providing women with the opportunities, support, and tools
they need to excel in their career paths. The company believes that empowering women strengthens
business and enriches culture. I, too, have received excellent career progression opportunities
throughout my time here, and I'm very proud to be a part of the Performance family!

Tanja Coccioni, Group Controller at Performance Auto Group


Sonia Arora

I am very proud to be a General Manager in the automotive industry. Performance Auto Group has
provided me with great training and support, and has helped me at every step of my career to
progress into a leadership role. This speaks volumes about the senior management's focus on
promoting women, and I'm very thankful of that!

Sonia Arora, General Manager at Motion Mazda


Mary Lou Slobodian

This is a very progressive and inclusive work environment. I am given opportunities to learn and grow
within the organization, and my achievements are actively celebrated and recognized. I'm very happy
to work for a company that treats men and women with equality.

Mary Lou Slobodian, Sales and Leasing Consultant


Jennifer Murphy

Performance Auto Group actively encourages women to take up roles in all departments of the
automotive industry, and invests in training programs to ensure our success. They've opened up roles
traditionally occupied mainly by men, like positions in service, to women, which made it easier for
me to progress into an Assistant Service Manager position. It feels great to work here every day!

Jennifer Murphy, Service Manager at Performance Toyota


Brigitte Massiah

It is amazing to see that women are starting to occupy many different service-related roles here.
We're all given equal opportunities to progress, and positions are always filled based on merit and
performance. This goes a long way to show Performance Auto Group's commitment to empowering women,
and I'm very happy to be a part of such a progressive company!

Brigitte Massiah, Parts Advisor at Classic Honda

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