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I went to Honda knowing the type of vehicle I had in mind. Tanya had showed me a few SUV's based on what I told her I needed and why. She allowed me to make my own judgment's and decisions. I never once felt pressured into making a choice like I did when I go my car from Classic. Tanya was kind, gentle and patient with me. When asked about the pilot she went out into the far lot to get me the one used one they had so I could try it. The financing step was a lot f back and forth which I felt could have been handled in one shot. Perhaps covid posed an issue but overall my experience was fantastic with both Tanya and Tonian. I would recommend them to anyone.

Tamika Messam

a month ago

Great place to work. Amazing management and an employee friendly environment. I have been with this company for almost 2 years now. They strive each day to improve the working experience of the employees along with being customer focused too.


4 months ago

Had an amazing experience at the Planet Ford Dealership. Special mention and thanks to sales consultant Mr. Daninger (Danny) who was my point of contact for my new purchase. He not only demonstrated the vehicle features but also got me the best numbers for the deal by getting in-sync with finance team as well as his higher-ups. Danny goes a step ahead when it comes to customer service and customer delight. He made me meet Mr. John and Mr. James who also were helpful at the time of zeroing in the deal with amazing numbers. Also, special thanks to Mr. Rishi Kankar (Financing/Leasing). He is the guy you could trust upon. Tell him how you want the financing/leasing to be, and he'll get you a very interesting and buyer friendly option. Thankyou Planet Ford ( Performance Auto Group) for having an amazing sales team ,finance team and team of supervisors(higher ups) that are working upto the mark and getting new customers. I hope it stays this way. Again thankyou Danny, it was because of you that i made a new purchase from Planet Ford. -Sidhu MS

Mehtaab Singh Sidhu

4 months ago

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