Performance Auto Groups Values

Our Values

Performance Auto Group is a values-driven organization. Our values differentiate us - as employers, as colleagues, and in the marketplace. If you are passionately aligned with these values, we invite you to apply to join our team.


Great Experience

We believe that every customer is entitled to the same great experience. We respect everyone who walks through our doors, celebrating what makes them, and their needs, unique. And we do everything in our power to consistently deliver an experience which will wow each guest.


Committed to Integrity

Everyone in our organization knows that integrity trumps all. We keep the long vision in mind, knowing that trust is earned over many years of consistently proving our clear, honest, and transparent approach to the automotive business.


Employee Empowerment

We believe in industry-leading empowerment of our employees. Our company founder, Sam Alizadeh, was famous for saying, "Take great care of your employees, take great care of your guests - and you will sell a lot of cars." His emphasis on being exceptional in our care for our internal teams has permeated our culture, as we continually seek to advance our support for our employees. We strive to be the top employer of choice in our industry, and beyond.


We are passionate about innovating.

We strive to be thought-leaders in our industry. We are at the forefront of any innovation which helps our guests enjoy a more seamless, easeful, and enjoyable experience.

Giving Back

We believe in giving back.

Giving back is a deep-rooted value that instills great company pride. We passionately and generously work with charities, non-profit organizations, hospitals, civic organizations, local teams and clubs to empower our neighbours and those in need. Throughout the Greater Toronto and Niagara area, we lend our hand to build thriving communities - because we believe it's the right thing to do.

Join us. Let's drive to thrive.