Over 50 Years of Excellence

Since 1964, Performance Auto Group has built a reputation as one of Canada's leading automotive groups. Our dealerships are amongst the highest volume stores in Ontario, and have consistently received top recognition for providing outstanding care to every guest.

We offer you an elevated level of service at our state-of-the-art dealerships, and our first priority is to provide you with an exceptional experience.

Group founder Sam Alizadeh's favourite saying was always, "every customer is entitled to the same great experience." This philosophy drives all of our operations, and is the reason we have become known for great customer care.

1964: Performance Auto Group is founded

Performance Auto Group is founded with an extensive import product line that includes Austin, MG, Triumph, Jaguar, Lotus and Sunbeam.


1965: Performance Honda

Performance Honda opens its doors to a host of eager young motorcyclists.


1967: Autotrend

Autotrend is launched, offering FIATs, Volvos and Alfa Romeos to satisfy the most discerning automotive enthusiasts.


1969: Checkpoint Chrysler

Charles Taylor & Co. is acquired and renamed Checkpoint Chrysler, with a full product line - Dodge, Plymouth and Chrysler.


1972: Performance Collision Centre

Performance Collision Centre is established to service the needs of a growing family of automobile dealerships.


1976: Performance Mercedes

Performance Auto Group becomes Niagara's authorized dealer of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.


1986: Glenway Automobile Sales

Glenway Automobile Sales, a used car facility, opens in Erin Mills Auto Mall, Mississauga.


1987: Glenway Suzuki

Glenway Suzuki is established in Erin Mills Auto Mall.Daughter May and son Glen join Sam in the business.


1987: Performance Acura

Performance opens the first Acura dealership in Canada.


1990: Performance BMW

Performance Auto Group becomes Niagara's authorized dealer of BMW vehicles.


1990: Performance Toyota

Dominey Toyota is acquired and renamed Performance Toyota.


1991: Performance Lexus

Performance establishes Lexus - Toyota's luxury new car division - one of only 22 Lexus-Toyota dealerships in Canada.


1993: Classic Honda

Classic Honda is acquired and is the first dealership to be located in the Brampton Auto Mall. Today, Classic Honda is a consistent top volume Honda retailer in Canada.


1993: Suzuki of Brampton

Suzuki of Brampton is founded in Brampton Auto Mall and, today, is a consistent top 10 volume Suzuki retailer in Canada.


1995: Mazda of Brampton

Sam purchases a struggling Mazda dealership. Mazda of Brampton is installed at Brampton Auto Mall, and, currently, is a consistent top three volume Mazda retailer in Ontario.


1999: Kia of Brampton

Kia comes to Canada and Kia of Brampton is conceived within the Brampton Auto Mall. Today, Kia of Brampton is a top three volume dealership in Ontario.


2001: Performance Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

Performance Checkpoint Chrysler is renovated after 50 years and is renamed Performance Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM.


2002: Performance Hyundai

Hyundai joins the Performance family of fine automotive dealerships. Today, Performance Hyundai is recognized as a Top Global Dealer and is the number one customer satisfaction dealer in Canada.


2002-2003: Brampton Mitsubishi

Brampton Mitsubishi is established and is relocated to a new facility in Brampton Auto Mall. Today the dealership is a top three volume Mitsubishi dealership in Ontario.Sam's son Steve joins the growing dealership group after practicing business law in downtown Toronto.


2003-2004: Performance Auto Group

Performance Auto Group is a winner of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies program.


2003-2004: Planet Ford

Bramview Ford is acquired.The renamed Planet Ford is relocated to a new 31,000 square foot flagship facility in the Brampton Auto Mall.


2004: MINI St. Catharines

A new MINI showroom is added to BMW and MINI St. Catharines is established.


2005: smart Centre St. Catharines

smart Centre St. Catharines joins Performance Mercedes-Benz in 2005, delivering an economical urban solution and statement for city driver.


2005-2006: Brampton North Nissan

The company purchases Dermac Nissan, renames it Brampton North Nissan, and relocates the dealership to a newly-imaged facility in Brampton Auto Mall. Today, Brampton North Nissan is a top three volume Nissan dealership in Ontario.


2008: Subaru of Brampton

Subaru of Brampton opens for business in a newly-imaged facility in Brampton Auto Mall.


2008: Bolton Honda

Bolton Honda is established in a new facility in Bolton Auto Mall. Today, Bolton Honda is one of Honda Canada's highest market share dealers.


2010: Performance Scion

Performance Scion, a division of Toyota, offers a youthful automotive choice for consumers.


2010: Motion Mazda

At Mazda Canada's request, a distressed Mazda of Orangeville is acquired and renamed Motion Mazda.


2011: Performance FIAT

FIAT triumphantly returns to the Performance family.


2011: Bolton Nissan

Bolton Nissan joins Bolton Honda in a new imaged facility in Bolton Auto Mall.


2011: Brampton Auto Mall Collision Centre

The company's Collision Centre is relocated to a 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Brampton Auto Mall. Brampton Auto Mall Collision Centre is the largest collision centre in Peel region.


2012: Bolton Hyundai

Bolton Hyundai joins Honda and Nissan in the Bolton Auto Mall.


2012: Grimsby Hyundai

Performance Auto Group acquires Slessor AutoWorld in Grimsby and establishes Grimsby Hyundai. Today, Grimsby Hyundai is the number one Hyundai dealer in Canada.


2013: Glenleven Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Glenleven Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Oakville is acquired.


2013: Performance Collision & Restyling

Performance Collision & Restyling is relocated to an ultramodern facility at 342 Ontario Street, St. Catharines, offering collision, glass repair, paint protection, tint, vinyl striping, and headlight rejuvenation to better serve our guests.


2014: Brantford Toyota

Brantford Toyota is purchased in January 2014. The store now ranks third amongst 247 dealerships for Toyota's President's Program.


2014: AutoPlanet Direct

AutoPlanet Direct, Ontario's largest in-door used car showroom, is created in October 2014.This is a new automotive marketing concept with over 220 used vehicles in-store and online.


2014: Celebrating 50 Years

Performance Auto Group celebrates 50 years of automotive sales and service in Niagara and Southern Ontario.


2015: Performance Auto Group Is Acquired

In February 2015, AutoPlanet Automotive Group acquires Performance Auto Group in Niagara and two great automotive groups become one. AutoPlanet rebrands itself as Performance Auto Group.The acquisition adds prestigious luxury brands to the fold.


2016: Performance Acura North Mississauga

Performance Auto Group opens Performance Acura North Mississauga on August 2 at 860 Ivandale Drive, Mississauga. The facility is a state-of-the-art dealership equipped with top-of-the-line equipment, and offers a superior sales and service experience to customers.


2016: Don Valley Volkswagen

Performance Auto Group announces the addition of Volkswagen to the family, and welcomes Don Valley Volkswagen to the group. The dealership is located near Don Valley Parkway and Eglinton Avenue at 1695 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, and is Performance Auto Group's first store east of Yonge Street.


2016: St. Catharines Volkswagen

Performance Auto Group announces the addition of St. Catharines Volkswagen to the family. The dealership is the group's first VW facility in the Niagara region, and is located at 125 Hartzel Road in St. Catharines.


2016: Audi St. Catharines

Performance Auto Group announces the addition of Audi to the family, and welcomes Audi St. Catharines to the group. The dealership is located at 114 Hartzel Road in St. Catharines.