Drive Change

Our commitment to give back

Giving back is one of Performance Auto Group's most important core values. We believe that supporting our community is an important part of being good corporate citizens.

Our Drive Change initiative streamlines this effort group-wide, and enables our dealerships to actively invest in every community we serve. We are proud to sponsor a large number of community events, and we make significant donations to charitable organizations.

Through our Drive Change program, we are determined to make a visible difference that our neighbours, our employees, and our guests can all be proud of.



Performance Auto Group sponsors many important events in southern Ontario. Our annual presentation of the United Way Golf Tournament - one of the region's largest fundraisers - and our group-wide, yearly participation in events like Run for the Cure and Big Bike Ride help raise vital funds for local support programs.

Find out how our sponsorships are making a positive impact in your community.


Community Events

Performance Auto Group is committed to fostering events that bring communities together. We've partnered with top organizers in southern Ontario, and are proud to support community events year-round. We provide organizers with everything from financial support to free loaner vehicles, so you can enjoy great events like ribfests, car shows, and music festivals.

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Performance Auto Group donates to many local and national charities every year. We regularly hold group-wide sales events in support of regional hospitals, where we donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale to your local health centre. We also provide new vehicles to local Meals on Wheels programs every year, and donate the use of our cars to charities during times of need.

Explore how our donations are helping organizations provide vital services in your community.