Performance Auto Group, Annual Santa Claus Parade Proud Sponsor

Performance Auto Group, Annual Santa Claus Parade Proud Sponsor

“Santa and the reindeer are on their way to join us tonight, so in the meantime, we needed vehicles to pull our floats to ensure the Santa Claus Parade could go on.

Just in the nick of time Performance Auto Group stepped in to save the day as our official Tow Sponsor, donating every single vehicle in the midst of a global vehicle shortage!

Performance has always been a big supporter of community events for children. They are working to Drive Change for a better future, and today we can say we’ve seen that in action!”

The holiday season brings with it a sense of magic, warmth, and community spirit, and nothing embodies these sentiments quite like the Santa Claus Parade. In 2021, Performance Auto Group joyfully stepped into the role of the official tow sponsor of the Santa Claus Parade. This journey was more than just a sponsorship, it fostered community connection and festive joy.

As a business deeply rooted in the local community, we've always valued the relationships we've built with our customers. The decision to become a Santa Claus Parade sponsor wasn't just about showcasing our brand; it was an acknowledgment of the profound impact community events have. We recognized the parade as a beloved tradition that brings families together, fostering a sense of unity and joy that resonates with the true essence of the holidays.

From the moment our sponsorship was confirmed, the excitement within our team was palpable. We weren't just passive observers; we were active participants in a celebration that would light up the faces of children and adults alike. We embarked on the journey of creating a float that would not only represent our brand but also contribute to the overall enchantment of the parade.

On the day of the parade, as our vehicles made their way through the streets adorned with floats attached, the joy radiating from the crowd was truly heartwarming. Children waved excitedly, parents smiled, and the community came together in a celebration of pure, unadulterated joy. Our decision to be the official tow sponsor of the Santa Claus Parade became a gift not only to our business but, more importantly, to the people who make our community special.

Our employees played a huge role in this journey. From the creative minds behind the designs, to those who sourced the vehicle amid a vehicle shortage, to those who volunteered their time on parade day, each team member contributed to making our sponsorship a success. The experience fostered a sense of pride and camaraderie among our staff, reinforcing the notion that we are not just a business but an integral part of the community fabric.

The impact of being a Santa Claus Parade sponsor extends far beyond the parade itself. Our involvement has sparked ongoing conversations within the community, strengthening our relationships with customers and fellow businesses.

Becoming the official tow sponsor of the Santa Claus Parade quickly became more than just a sponsorship. It was a heartwarming journey of embracing the magic of the season, building connections, and spreading joy within our community. As we reflect on this experience, we are reminded that the true spirit of the holidays lies in the moments of shared happiness and the bonds that tie us together. Our decision to be a part of the Santa Claus Parade has not only enriched the festive season for our community but has furthered our mission to drive change for a better future.

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