Performance Auto Group Employee Awards Gala

Performance Auto Group Employee Awards Gala

2023 Employee Awards GalaIn the dynamic world of business, where change is constant, and companies come and go, the bedrock of success lies in the dedication and commitment of its people. On October 11th, 2023, Performance Auto Group proudly celebrated 60 employees for their long-standing years of service at our inaugural 25 plus Years of Service Awards Gala. A celebration of the individuals who have been the driving force behind the company's success for over two decades.

This exceptional evening was held to celebrate our team member’s long-standing dedication and continuous support of the Performance Auto Group over the years. The ceremony paid tribute to those who have reached the remarkable milestone of 25 years of service with the company or more. With our longest-standing employee, having an inspiring 52-year journey of commitment and loyalty with us. All 60 employees shared a night of food, laughter and celebration. The night was not just a celebration of years served but a testament to the enduring spirit of those that have shaped the company's identity.

Rewind 25 years, and many of us didn't even know the name Performance Cars. Some of our employees may have contributed to building dealerships that have become household names like Don Valley Volkswagen, or dealerships with names that most have forgotten like Demac Datsun, Checkpoint Chrysler, and Glenway Suzuki. The journey has been a collective effort, each employee having a different path, yet equally contributing their share of building what is now the formidable Performance Auto Group.

2023 Employee Awards GalaThe celebration was more than just a reflection on the past; it was also a nod to the present, where each employee has become an integral part of the Performance Auto Group family. For these dedicated individuals, work is more than just a job; it's a second home, a place they've taken care of over the years. As the night unfolded, we heard stories of dedication, challenges overcome, and milestones achieved. The camaraderie among the employees was a clear testament to the bonds formed over shared experiences and a common goal.

The Performance Auto Group family, with its legacy of dedicated employees, is poised for continued growth and success. The gala was a testament to the fact that this is more than a workplace; it's a community of individuals who have not just witnessed the company come to be, but have actively shaped it.

2023 Employee Awards GalaOnce again, congratulations to the 2023 award recipients on achieving your service milestones. Your years of hard work and commitment to our purpose and core values have contributed to our success. We look forward to many more years to come. To all of our employees, thank you for building Performance Auto Group piece by piece. Thank you for caring and thank you for your loyalty. A special thank you to Edith and the Employee Services Team for putting so much effort into this event and making it a reality. Here's to the next chapter in the remarkable journey of Performance Auto Group and the individuals who continue to make it an industry leader!

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